Alli Martin

Though Alli Martin is a bit of a geek at heart, she’s pretty much your 80’s expert on Fever40. ‘Bobbers’ is well in to her electric and synthy kind of beats too as well as socialising with a myriad of intriguing friends!

She’s been in the audio industry for a short while and enjoys scriptwriting in preparation for recording adverts, oh and engaging in extras work where able to cram it in! When not being professional, she’s constantly on the go with some writing project or other and is very much into traveling, where she makes use of her fluent Spanish, French and German.

Also in to her sports, a MASSIVE Wolves and Belfast Giants fan, where she unravelled her love for ice-skating enough to work to grade 5 on the ice. Oh, and she’s now conquered zorbing!

Alli’s Blog